Saturday, November 3, 2012

QUIZ: What is the average distance that a Kenyan must walk to find water during a drought?

Marsabit is an arid desert region, home to 158,000 people. Most of the people are nomadic pastoralists who have survived for generations by raising livestock and following seasonal water sources. Scarcity is a way of life, and conflict between tribes is common when water and food sources dwindle. Because of its remoteness, Marsabit has been considered a forgotten region - its rough living conditions have made it difficult for aid and development to reach these communities. A lot of attention has been placed in other parts of Kenya, and few organizations have been willing to commit to long-term investment in these communities, shying away from both the harsh environment and the complexities that challenge development.

You can end the water crisis in Kenya by making a small contribution to the Give a Dam campaign! Our friends at Blood:Water Mission (a 501c3 organization) are building a well in Kenya to give thousands access to clean water.

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